Mary Kay (marykaykare) wrote in humanculture,
Mary Kay


At a convention I was at last weekend, Tamora Pierce was talking about her process in creating cultures. One of the things she talked mentioned was what they ate. It started me thinking about foods and how they affect their cultures. It seems like it might be a fertile source of panels for the Human Culture track in Montreal. One place to start is a book called Much Depends on Dinner by Margaret Vissing. I think I have a copy somewhere.

But think about how history, politics, and culture have been affected by the search for spices. What the implications are for a society in what grain is its staple.

Visser has also written a book called Rituals of Dinner which is about table manners and how they came to be which is a somewhat different intersection of food and culture.

Does anyone else have any other ideas or books to suggest around this topic?\
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