Alter S. Reiss (dhole) wrote in humanculture,
Alter S. Reiss

What our things say about us.

If the lower floors of a hotel turned up in an archaeological site, the identification of the building would be an easy one -- after all, monumental architecture, high status materials, massive halls, and so on have been linked to palaces since time immemorial. What other conclusions could be reached about the culture of the coca-cola bottle people, from the remains of their material culture? What, for instance, would alien archaeologists assume about Christianity, if all they had to work from was churches?

(This could also be phrased in terms of what conclusions alien archaeolgists would conclude about humanity throughout; that might give a timeframe as well, and would make the panel more suited to people who are interested in aliens. Trying to phrase it the way I was trying would, hopefully, engage people who are more interested in our current material culture. Thoughts?)
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